Safe WiFi Connections for Neighbourhood Children

Helping Kids Communicate Safely In Their Neighbourhoods

Helping Create Safer Neighbourhoods

Our mission at SafeKids Wifi is to create safer neighbourhoods for kids by encouraging neighbours to offer a safe, secure, free, and controlled WiFi connection near their house to allow children to communicate with their parents.

Share Your WiFi – Controlled for Safety

By simply plugging in the SafeKids WiFi device to your home internet connection and positioning it near the front of your house, you will create a safe wireless connection that children can connect to. All connections are limited to allow only communications, and all connections are logged and tracked centrally to ensure safety and security for your network and the children using it.

How It Works

Secure Access for Messaging.
Safe for Neighbourhood Children.
Safe for your Network and Internet.

Limited Messaging Access

The SafeKids WiFi Access Point allows access only to the most common messaging platforms including:

  • Apple iMessage
  • Apple Facetime
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Google Hangouts
All other traffic and Internet use is completely blocked to prevent misuse of the system.

Built Safe for Children

The SafeKids WiFi network is built around security for neighbourhood children. Each access point is registered to its location on the SafeKids system, and all connections are logged and managed centrally to ensure that logs are available for law enforcement if required. Connections are simple and don't require any special apps or software for kids to access the SafeKids managed network.

Protecting Your Network

The SafeKids WiFi network does not allow any access to your home network and limits access to your Internet connection to allow for messaging only. Connections are also limited for usage to ensure only appropriate emergency use of the network and your Internet connection. Devices and users who abuse the SafeKids network are blocked from usage to protect your network and Internet bandwidth.

We Are Currently In Development

SafeKids WiFi is Getting Ready for Launch

Support Us – Kickstarter Launch Coming Soon

We are currently in testing on our SafeKids WiFi device, and once we have moved to broader network testing we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to complete the product development and bring in our first shipment of SafeKids WiFi Access Points. SafeKids WiFi will be structured as a Non-Profit Corporation located in Ontario, Canada. We will be looking for support in aligning to other agencies with similar goals to providing a safe and secure neighbourhood for our children such as Block Parent and local school boards.

Contact SafeKids WiFi

If you’re interested in supporting SafeKids WiFi or helping with the development of our product and/or network, please contact us using the form below.

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